An Unexpected Benefit of Reading

Here’s a tip: If you want to get inside a person’s head, or at least get a glimpse of his/her perspective, one of the best ways to do that is to read a book or two that person likes.

The Little Engine that Couldn't

I’d caress this book all day.

All over the world, teachers are trying to convince their students that reading is in fact, great, and that everyone should do it. The students usually respond to this with a casual shrug, then return to doing drugs and fornicating in the bathroom, or whatever it is normal teens do.

The problem is, these teachers and pro-reading people are going about this the wrong way. People won’t start reading books because of “mental stimulation” or that fact that is causes “stronger analytical thinking skills.” Hell, I don’t even know what half those words mean. All I know is that kids are selfish, and the best way to get them to open a goddamn book for once is to tell them about the ways in which it will directly benefit them, particularly in the short term. Like, how books can get you out of sticky situations.


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